Continuation Training

Maintenance - Continuation Training

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in your working environment and ensure compliance with EASA regulations. Our Continuation Training (CT) courses are designed to help aviation personnel remain informed and current.

At Global Air Training, we provide CT courses in accordance with EASA Part M.A 606, M.A.706, M.A.707, Part 145.A.30, Part 145.A.35, and Part 147.A.105 regulations. We go beyond just certifying staff and offer training to non-certifying staff, management, airworthiness, training, and support staff as recommended by CAP1742.

Our training programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of your organisation. We can conduct a training needs analysis to identify specific areas for improvement, such as quality audit findings, new systems and procedures, changes to approvals, human factors, and SMS.

"Continuation training is a two-way process to ensure that certifying staff remain current in terms of procedures, human factors and technical knowledge and that the organisation receives feedback on the adequacy of its procedures and maintenance instructions”


Our Continuation Training courses are suitable for Form 4 post holders, supervisors, inspectors, certifying staff, support staff, mechanics, quality control/assurance staff, technical support staff, and ground equipment operators. We can deliver a more general Human Factors (HF) refresher course or design a company-specific program, depending on your needs.

Choose from our range of delivery options, including in-person training at our purpose-built training centre in the UK, in-company training, and live online training. We use the latest technology, including Zoom, Teams, and our Learning Management Portal, to deliver engaging and interactive training that meets your needs.

Typical Maintenance - Continuation Training Program
  • Regulation / legislation
  • General company organisation
  • Company procedures
  • Quality overview
  • Company reporting
  • Human factors
  • Technical/technology updates
  • SMS
  • Feedback
  • More information

    Continuation training is available at Global Training Centre, online and in-company. Enter your details below to receive more information on training for your organisation.