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Human Performance & Limitations

CRM HPL Training

12 hours

Course description

This course delivers the HPL elements required to meet EASA requirements for CRM trainers. It's perfect for cabin CRM trainers, those who need HPL refresher training or didn't receive HPL training as part of their ATPL course. You'll gain an understanding of HPL, which is an essential requirement for CRM trainers.

This on-demand self-paced online programme makes learning convenient and easy. You'll receive access to engaging video modules, quizzes, a course support booklet, additional resources, and a final examination. Upon successfully completing the course, GAT will issue certification. The course takes approximately 12 learning hours to complete.

Programme details



  • CRM Principles
  • Background to HPL
  • SHEL model
  • Conceptual model of human factors

Ciculation & oxygen

  • Blood donation
  • Factors which inhibit oxygen carriage
  • Cabin pressurisation/depressurisation
  • Hypoxia
  • Hyperventilation

Sensory System

  • Vestibular system
  • Balance and orientation
  • Vestibular and samatogravic illusions
  • Motion sickness
  • The visual system
  • Visual illusions

Flying & health

  • Barotrauma
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs and self medication
  • Stress

Information processing

  • Processing information
  • Attention
  • Perception
  • Memory

Personality and behaviour

  • Personality, attitude and behaviour
  • Styles and characteristics
  • Interaction and factors affecting the group/team

Personality and behaviour

  • Personality, attitude and behaviour
  • Styles and characteristics
  • Interaction and factors affecting the group/team

Additional topics

  • Additional topics are covered in CRMT course
  • Communication
  • Workload
  • Decision making
  • Human Error
  • Sleep and Fatigue

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This course meets the requirements of EASA & CAA for CRM trainers to receive training in HPL.

This course can be delivered via in-person instructor led training (ILT), via virtual instructor led training (VILT), or as a self-paced online course. For commercial operations, some regulatory bodies require in-person training. Please contact us for further information.

Global Air Training is the market leading specialist in Crew Resource Management and Human Factors training. This course is specifically focused to provide the HPL knowkedge required for CRM trainers. We are the only ISO9001 accredited specialist CRM training provider.

Self-paced online training is £175 per participant, there is no VAT for participants based outside the UK.

On completion we provide certification to agreed regulatory standards as applicable.


Aviation organisations already served

The recent CRMI course I attended at Global Air Training has proved to be one of the highest quality instructional reviews I have attended. From the pre-learning package to the final presentation & evaluation Global Air Training has shown to be the most effective provider of aviation instructor skills training.

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