Best practice dictates that Human Factors Trainers should receive refresher training, this plays a key role in optimising effective training as it mitigates skill fade, identifies knowledge gaps and training needs, and can alleviate deficiencies in current training protocols. Our 1-day refresher course will assist Human Factors trainers in remaining current with the latest methodologies, and to deliver the most recent information to their colleagues and delegates. The training is available to anyone who has previously completed a Global Air Training Human Factors Trainer Course.

The programme is available as face-to-face classroom-based training or live online (virtual classroom) training.

Key elements covered in the Human Factors in Healthcare Trainer Refresher include: -
  • HF trainer requirements - skills and qualities, characteristics of an effective facilitator
  • Facilitation - top tips
  • Celebrating training successes and mitigation of challenges
  • Virtual online training – benefits/issues/top tips
  • Implementing and evaluating HF training
  • Updating subjects - keeping the subject elements fresh and interesting
  • Developing case studies and the delivery process
  • New ideas for case studies
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