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Human Factors in Healthcare Managers Course

Health Care Human Factors

In person
3 Days

Course description

Our 3-day course is tailored to enhance clinical performance by exploring the effects of teamwork, tasks, equipment, workspace, culture, and organisation on human behaviour in clinical settings. Unlike traditional safety training, our human factors approach to patient safety focuses on cognitive and interpersonal skills needed to manage team-based, high-risk activities, complementing technical competency with non-technical skills including teamwork, situation awareness, decision making, communication and workload management.

At Global Air Training, we recognise that human error is inevitable, but we also believe that cooperative and collaborative teams are the greatest asset to achieving safety and reliability in complex and hazardous work environments. Our Human Factors in Healthcare Managers Course provides participants with a deep understanding of human and organisational causes of error, empowering them with knowledge and tools to take a proactive approach to avoid, trap, and mitigate errors.

Join us and gain a competitive edge in patient safety education and training, as we aim to help you drive change and improvement towards a safer, more efficient healthcare system. Our reputation for delivering high-quality training and our ISO9001 certification make us a trusted partner for many large-scale organisations with a focus on safety performance, including national and international healthcare providers, emergency services, commercial airlines, and military aviation.

Our Human Factors in Healthcare Foundation Course is designed for all healthcare staff to enhance their organisation's overall safety and efficiency. Our training is provided by experienced instructors and is certified to the ISO9001 quality management standard. Join our Human Factors Training in Healthcare course today and take the first steps towards enhaning clinical safety.

  • Classroom based instructor led training courses at our UK training centre
  • Live online sessions through our advanced Learning Managment System
  • Bespoke training options at your organisation.

Human Factors in Healthcare
Managers course

  • What are human factors?
  • Safety and human performance
  • Conceptual model of human factors

  • Slips, lapses, and mistakes
  • Communication
  • Information processing
  • Automation and ergonomics

  • Patient safety concepts
  • Culture and violation
  • HF and policy compliance
  • Assessing organisational culture

  • Team dynamics
  • Effective leadership
  • Conflict
  • Personality and behaviour
  • Manchester Patient Safety Framework

  • Behavioural markers
  • Briefing and debriefing
  • Effective feedback
  • Assessing safety behaviour

  • Incident reporting systems and processes
  • Grading patient safety incidents
  • Gathering data
  • 'Being Open' policy

  • RCA tools and techniques
  • Developing an action plan
  • Objective report writing

  • Integrating safety and human factors
  • Integrating lessons learned

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Yes we can deliver this programme in-person at your location in the UK, and worldwide.

This course can be delivered via in-person instructor led training (ILT) or via virtual instructor led training (VILT).

Global Air Training is the market leading specialist in Human Factors training. We have been working with NHS trusts since 2001. You can be sure that our facilitators are experienced experts in the field. We are the only ISO9001 accredited specialist Human Factors training provider.

Please contact us for a quotation for your organisation's specific requirements.

We provide cerficiation of successful completion.


Healthcare organisations already served

Thanks for a truly inspiring course delivered by a superb faculty of experts in Human Factors. This was probably the most professionally run course I have attended in my 36 years in the health service. Although the course was hard work, I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel much better prepared to deliver Human Factors training within my trust.

A great day, very informative, invaluable to the job I do and should be mandatory for all healthcare team members.

I am optimistic that this training will have profound benefits for our culture. Watch this space.