How can you ensure that your CRM Trainers and Assessors meet regulatory requirements? Look no further than our CRMT Assessor training course.

EASA Part ORO requires that operators ensure that their CRM Trainers (CRMT/CRMI) and Assessors (CRMTE/CRMIE) are "suitably qualified," and that external providers meet regulatory requirements. It's crucial to be able to demonstrate compliance with these requirements, and our GAT CRMT Assessor training course is designed to provide you with the necessary training and skills to do that.

"A prospective CRMTE should undergo training designed to equip them with the relevant Examiner competencies prior to being assessed as a CRMTE. "

UK CAA Standards Doc 29 - Requirements for the training of CRMT Examiners (Assessors)

Our comprehensive course is specifically designed to comply with EASA and CAA requirements for the appointment of CRMT examiners. We provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to effectively assess CRM Trainers and ensure that they meet regulatory standards.

Our experienced instructors provide practical, hands-on training that you can immediately apply to your role as a CRMT Assessor. We help you develop the skills you need to evaluate the competency of CRM Trainers according to the standards required by EASA and CAA and ensure that your CRM programme meets regulatory requirements.

Flexibile delivery options

You can choose how to take the CRMT Assesssor course - in person at our UK training center or online via Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) and our advanced learning portal or in-house at your location.

ISO9001 certified

Plus, you can rest assured that you're working with an ISO9001-certified organisation that consistently meets customer and regulatory requirements.

    • Course introduction
      • Trainer and student introductions
      • Course aims and objectives
    • Student exercise using video example
      • Video example
      • Written observation from video example
    • Understanding the regulations
      • Regulatory documentation
      • Qualification of a CRM Trainer and criteria required for CRMT assessors
      • CRMT Assessor, a day in the life of...
    •  Pre-observation preparation, liaison and paperwork
      • CRMT briefing and observation of CRMT during training delivery
      • CRMT debriefing and feedback
      • Video example
    • Overview to report writing
      • Effective report writing
      • Report writing exercise
      • Report forms
    • Post observation administration
      • Record keeping (authority/company requirements)
      • Post observation paperwork - assessment form
      • Managing a failure
      • Managing CRMT Assessor standards within the company
    •  Practical application using video example
      • Video example, role play debrief scenarios
      • Written report of observations (as a group/pairs)
      • Reviews of report
    • Summary

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