The CRMT Line course is a 1-day programme designed for participants who have previous instructional/trainer techniques and CRM training experience, who will be moving into line training roles. The course is suitable for both Line and Sim trainers.

Part ORO.FC.115 and 220 require the relevant elements of the CRM/TEM training syllabus in Table 1 AMC1 ORO.FC.115 to be integrated into this phase of training. All personnel involved in LIFUS training must be competent and able to deliver these elements to the required depth. An Operator should be able to show how this is achieved and how standards are maintained in Part D of their operations manual. Appendix 5 of this document includes a specimen Assessment Form. This may be used by an Operator to help assess the competence of personnel involved in LIFUS training.

UK CAA Standards 29 - 7.1

Please note that Line Checks are conducted by a suitably qualified commander nominated for the role by the Operator.

CRMT Line course programme includes: -
  • Review and refresh of facilitation techniques
  • Non-Technical Skills (NOTECHS) assessment
  • Behavioural Markers
  • Debrief and feedback techniques
  • Practical sessions in the use of behavioural markers
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