Global Air Training's Ramp Resource Management (RRM) training course is designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of ground handling operations by addressing the human factors involved. As regulators and organisations increasingly recognise the importance of human factors on the ramp, it is essential to provide recommended content for RRM training.

Our RRM training program extends the principles of Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Threat and Error Management (TEM) training to the ground handling environment. With physically demanding tasks, variable weather, night shifts, and complex equipment, airline ground operations can be challenging and error prone. Our training helps ground handlers to identify typical threats and errors in the turnaround process and supplies tools to manage them effectively.

Our course aims to reduce the incidence of human error, decrease the number of incidents of aircraft or equipment damage, and personal injuries. By improving organisational barriers against human error and increasing efficiency, we can contribute to creating and reinforcing a positive safety culture where employees practice safe habits.

The program covers theory and practice of RRM and examines examples and case studies of related aviation incidents and accidents. Suitable for ground service providers and airports, the course provides the skills and materials to deliver effective RRM training to ground handling personnel.

Trust Global Air Training's worldwide reputation for delivering high-quality training that makes real improvements in safety and efficiency. Our RRM training course is certified to the ISO9001 quality management standard, and we ensure that our clients meet relevant regulatory requirements and standards.

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