The Global Air Training Human Factors Trainer's course has been continually developed over 20 years and is widely recognised in safety critical industries worldwide. This course is designed for those involved in the delivery of HF training in healthcare.

The course is 5 days, it covers a scientifically robust basis of HF training, and studies examples and case studies of human factor related patient safety incidents. The course emphasises developing the facilitation skills which are crucial to effective HF training. The training develops the required knowledge and skills to enable the participant to deliver effective, practical HF training which addresses the unique nature and challenges of their organisation.

"All NHS leaders need patient safety training so they have the knowledge and tools to drive change and improvement."

Improving safety through education and training Recommendations - Commission on education and training for patient safety 2016.

Healthcare staff need to recognise that human error is inevitable and that cooperative and collaborative teams are the greatest asset to achieving safety and reliability in complex and hazardous work environments. The Human Factors in Healthcare managers course provides participants with an in depth understanding of the human and organisational causes of error and provides the knowledge and tools to enable a proactive approach to the avoidance, trapping and mitigating of errors.

Dr Phil Adam

Dr Phil Adam, GAT Human Factors Trainer, talks about Safety Culture in healthcare.

Human Factors Trainers Course - Typical Program

The course program may be adjusted to accomodate local requirements.

  • Introduction to HF training
  • Instruction and facilitation techniques
  • Background to HF training in safety critical environments
  • Examples of HF related incidents
  • Human error
  • HF in organisations
  • Communication
  • Feedback and coaching
  • Information processing
  • Mental models
  • Situational awareness
  • Workload
  • Fatigue
  • Patient safety concepts
  • Culture and violation
  • HF and policy compliance
  • Assessing organisational culture
  • Decision making
  • Feedback
  • Behavioural markers
  • Non-technical skills assessment
  • Root cause analysis
  • Multi-professional incident reviews
  • Briefing and debriefing
  • Delegate assessed presentations
  • General synopsis
  • Certification
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