It is best practice for MHF trainers receive refresher training to maintain their basic skills and update with new training methodologies and any changes related to MHF training procedures and regulations.

Refresher training mitigates skills fade, identifies knowledge gaps and training needs and can alleviate deficiencies in current training protocols.

"The knowledge and skill the instructor possessed were beyond impressive, orchestrating the teaching potential from all my fellow students of varied styles to produce confident and competent individuals, who I’ve no doubt will do on to great success in their respective fields.""

Engineering Manager, major UK airline.

Following the course the student will be able to deliver effective MHF training for licensed engineers, managers and all personnel working in the aircraft maintenance environment. The student will have the knowledge, skills and materials to deliver and maintain an effective EASA 145 compliant MHF training programme within their organisation.

MHF Refresher Course Content
  • Progress of MHF Training
  • Regulatory requirements & changes
  • Classroom challenges
  • Online training, challenges and top tips
  • Implications of Covid and restart activities
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of MHF training
  • Review of training techniques