At Global Air Training, we take pride in delivering the most comprehensive range of Crew Resource Management (CRM) training services to airlines and all types of aviation operators globally. With clients ranging from world-leading airlines, military, police, corporate and government flight operations, we specialise in training effective CRM facilitators. Our CRMI/CRMT Trainers course is internationally recognised and our own CRM facilitators and examiners have extensive operational and training experience in the field.

We understand that the success of a CRM programme depends on the skills of the facilitators, and that’s why we work with all types of aviation organisations to develop and deliver effective CRM programmes. We can assist organisations in developing customised CRM programmes that comply with all regulatory requirements and make a strong contribution to flight safety, and efficiency.

Throughout my aviation career, I have had the opportunity to attend numerous CRM training sessions. I firmly believe that Global Air Training offers the most comprehensive and professional CRM training available on the worldwide market today.
Professor of Aerospace Technology, US University
GAT CRM Trainers and Examiners

All our facilitators meet regulatory requirements of EASA Air Ops, FAA and other regulatory bodies worldwide. Our CRM trainers are proficient in training techniques that are essential to effective CRM training. Additionally, our CRM Examiners (CRMIE/CRMTE) are skilled at assessing and accrediting company CRM facilitators, ensuring that your team is fully equipped to deliver effective CRM training.

CRM Courses

Our flexible CRM training courses for commercial and military aviation are designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation. We provide course materials and case studies relevant to the nature of your flight operations to ensure that you receive tailored training that is relevant to your business.

Our CRM training courses include:

All our CRM training courses are available either at our UK training centre, in-house for your organisation, or live online using our web conference and e-learning platform.

Choose Global Air Training for top-notch CRM training services that are tailored to your needs and guaranteed to enhance your flight safety, culture and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your aviation organisation achieve excellence.