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Aviation Maintenance

Maintenance Human Factors Initial and Recurrent Training

MHF Initial and Recurrent programs cover the avaition maintenance human factors training requirements for EASA Part 145 engineering organisations.

Maintenance Human Factots Trainer (MHFT/MHFI)

The training will assist organisations to meet the error management and human factors requirements within EASA Part-145. The objectives are to reduce the risks associated with human error and human factors, and improve safety.

The knowledge and skill the instructor possessed were beyond impressive, orchestrating the teaching potential from all my fellow students of varied styles to produce confident and competent individuals, who I’ve no doubt will do on to great success in their respective fields.

Engineering manager, major UK airline.

The course program will be designed to the individual needs and requirements of the organisation and target groups. Typical programs include:

  • Social psychology
    Social, cultural and organisational environment.
  • Human error
    Slips, lapses, mistakes and violations.
  • Error chain concept
    Theories and models.
  • Human performance and limitations
    Fitness and health, stress, pressures and deadlines, workload, tiredness and fatigue, alcohol, medication and drugs.
  • Physical environment
    Noise, fumes, illumination, climate and temperature, motion & vibration, confined spaces, vertigo, distractions and interruptions.
  • Procedures, practices & tasks
    Following procedures, inspection and reporting, repetitive tasks.
  • Information and technical documentation
  • Communication
    Effective communication, with and between teams, verbal and written, importance of handover, dissemination of information.
  • Teamwork
    Principles and benefits, the effective team, management, supervision and leadership.
  • Professionalism and integrity
    Individuals responsibility, standards, currency.

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