Schedule of forthcoming courses at Global Air Training, UK.

Below is the current schedule of open courses at Global House and International House UK. All the following courses are also available to be delivered at client’s location worldwide. All UK 5 day train the trainer courses at GAT UK  include:

  • A comprehensive manual
  • Full set of course handouts
  • PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM
  • Refreshments and lunch each day when at our facility
  • Courtesy transport to and from MAN/LPL Airport
  • Daily transport between local hotel and our training centre
  • Certification on course completion

For reservations, further information and course syllabus contact email: To download a printable course schedule click here.


Course Title



Crew Resource Management Instructor (CRMI)

  The CRMI core course is suitable for delegates wishing to attain CRMI accreditation or conduct Line Training. The course is suitable for instructors in ground, simulator and line training environments. The training is designed to develop knowledge and skills to enable the delegate to design and deliver focused and effective CRM training which address the nature of your company's operations, unique requirements and operating procedures. The programme content meets the standard CRM requirements and recommendations of: EASA, CAA, FAA and ICAO.  
  • 10 Mar - 14 Mar 14
  • 07 Apr - 11 Apr 14
  • 09 Jun - 13 Jun 14
  • 07 Jul - 11 Jul 14
  • 04 Aug - 08 Aug 14

CRM Human Performance and Limitations for Cabin Crew (CRM HPL)

  EASA (AMC1 ORO.FC.115,215 Crew resource management training) requires that a CRM trainer should have followed a theoretical human performance and limitations (HPL) course. For CRM trainers who are flight crew this requirement is usually fulfilled by the HPL examination in ATPL training, therefore this course is principally designed for cabin crew who will be CRM trainers to provide the background understanding of HPL and fulfil the EASA requirement for HPL training.  
  • 19 May - 20 May 14

Maintenance Human Factors Instructor

  The aim of human factors training in aviation maintenance operations is to increase safety, quality and efficiency by reducing human error and its impact on maintenance activities. This course equips the delegate with the knowledge, skills and materials to deliver EASA part 145 compliant MHF training within their organisation.  
  • 07 Apr - 11 Apr 14
  • 07 Jul - 11 Jul 14
  • 06 Oct - 10 Oct 14

Crew Resource Management Instructor (CRMI) Line

  The CRMI(Line) course is suitable for delegates requiring CRMI(Line) accreditation for line and simulator training roles. This one day workshop for delegates with previous CRM knowledge and experience focuses on Non-Technical Skills assessment, NOTECHS and debriefing skills.  
  • On request

Safety Management Systems

  ICAO Annex 6 requires all aviation operators and maintenance organisations to implement a Safety Management System, a comprehensive systematic process for managing safety risks which provides for goal setting, planning and measuring performance. This practical 4 day course equips delegates with knowledge and skills to implement an effective SMS in their organisation.  
  • 14 Apr - 16 Apr 14
  • 14 Jul - 16 Jul 14
  • 13 Oct - 15 Oct 14

Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) Instructor Course

  The SEP Train-the-Trainer course is designed for all personnel who will be involved in the delivery of Safety & Emergency Procedures training to pilots and cabin crew of airlines and other aviation operators. The course is suitable for both new and experienced SEP instructors.  
  • On request

Airline Security Managers and Instructors

  A comprehensive 5 day training course for airline security personnel including managers and instructors who will be presenting security training for aircrew.   
  • 31 Mar - 04 Apr 14
  • 14 Jul - 18 Jul 14
  • 10 Nov - 14 Nov 14

Aviation security manager course Level 3

  The aviation security manager course is aimed at persons employed by airports, airlines and their agents, in-flight caterers and their agents who have a responsibility for company implementation of the the National Aviation Security Program (NASP), and for managing personnel carrying out aviation security.  
  • 12 May - 16 May 14
  • 08 Sep - 12 Sep 14

Aviation security manager course Level 3 refresher

  The aviation security manager course is aimed at persons employed by airports, airlines and their agents, in-flight caterers and their agents who have a responsibility for company implementation of the the National Aviation Security Program (NASP), and for managing personnel carrying out aviation security. This 2 day Security Managers Refresher course is mandated to be completed every 3yrs for any person with general responsibility at national or local level, for ensuring that a security programme and its implementation meet all legal provisions.  
  • 14 Apr - 15 Apr 14

General Security Awareness Training (GSAT)

  This course fulfils the DfT GSAT training requirements to enable the issue of a full pass (new or renewal) granting unescorted access to a restricted zone. It ensures that all trainees are aware of the security threat and measures in place at the airport where they will be working. It familiarises trainees with the nature of the threat to aviation and basic security measures in place to counter the threat, and ensures that trainees understand the core objectives and organisation of aviation security and the part that they can play in contributing to the security of the airport.   
  • On request

Quality Management in an Aviation Environment

  This practical 2 day course enables the participant to develop and implement a Quality Management System (QMS), with the knowledge and confidence to audit, review and improve safety and efficiency.
The training will explore the basic principles of Quality Management in aviation, the regulatory requirements for Quality Management and Auditing, and the principles of how to build, review and assess a QMS.
  • On request

Auditing in a Maintenance Environment

  EASA Part 145 organisations are required to have an effective internal audit process. This 3 day course is suitable for all personnel involved in the Quality Management System, including nominated postholders and others involved in auditing activities.
This practical 3 day course covers audit management and auditing techniques to enable the delegate to plan, manage and deliver an effective, best practise audit process in the maintenance environment, supporting both business objectives and regulatory compliance. Participants will understand the relationship between the quality policy, quality manual, safety management system, procedures and supporting records. The course will focus on practical evaluation techniques specific to aviation maintenance quality management systems. 
  • On request